Sunday, 8 March 2009

Tom Cruise

Born on the 3rd July, 1962, in Syracuse, NY, Thomas Cruise Mapother IV spent his first fifteen years aiming to become a priest. The sensitive, 5’7” man has come far since those humble roots, winning three Golden Globes, achieving three beautiful wives (Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes) and somehow being found as the world’s most powerful celebrity by Forbes magazine in 2006, possibly due to his strong influence in the Church of Scientology.

The actor favours heroic roles where the character single-handedly overcomes threatening forces and saves the day. It seems he was quite the action man in his youth. Wikipedia tells us he was a “ruthless” hockey player and somehow chipped a tooth. During a game of British Bull Dog, he even hurt his knee.

But his life hasn’t all been grit and glory. He had a tough relationship with his father and described him to People magazine as: “a bully” and a “merchant of chaos”. He was also teased at school.

A famous philanthropist, Marketing Evaluations reports still reveal Cruise as the celebrity least wanted as a best friend.

Scientologist opinions have alienated fans and led him to claim in Entertainment Weekly that psychiatry “is a Nazi science”. He also stated that the “religion” has cured him of dyslexia.

Perhaps most embarrassingly of all, he infamously jumped up and down on the couch of the Oprah show, pumped his fists in the air and waxed like a schoolboy his love for then fiancé Katie Holmes.

The future looks bright for this small and hugely successful man.

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