Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Amputation Claims

(I was tasked with writing extensive copy for the Irwin Mitchell website)

Combining Commitment with Sensitivity

At Irwin Mitchell, we understand how deeply an amputation can affect all aspects of your life. Our specialist team of solicitors draws on years of experience in helping people get through what is often a hugely traumatic time. We do not stop at claiming compensation but make certain you are able to adjust to new circumstances following the loss of a limb.

We strive to win the best outcome for all our clients and are sure to use all the resources at our disposal to fight for your corner. We are well known for our understanding of the problems and potential pit-falls that can face you and your family due to amputation. Furthermore, we know what positive actions to take to help you reach physical, psychological and financial wellbeing.

Our lawyers have won the reputation of offering top-level professionalism and expertise, combined with commitment and sensitivity.

We always aim to make you our number one.

We Aim to Offer Full Satisfaction

It can be difficult to know where to turn when a loved one suffers an amputation. It can be a confusing and frustrating time. It is a time when much will have to be rearranged, from transport to home to activities. There is a chance that the amputee will have to change their job.

There is also the potential need for:

Rehabilitation or retraining
Adaptations to your property
Specialist equipment
Care support and assistance
Private medical treatment and therapy
Extensive prosthesis

Our experienced team of specialist amputation claim lawyers offers advice that is second to none. It is important to note that we also fight to secure compensation claims to fund you while your main claim is being worked on.

We pride ourselves on finding the delicate balance between a careful handling of a traumatic situation with a proactive philosophy that helps sort the various practicalities that arise after amputation.

We focus on a multi-tiered approach, providing legal advice, support and guidance to get you through a difficult situation.

Our Reputation

Irwin Mitchell is one of the largest, experienced and most reputable personal injury firms in the UK.

Our membership of the Limb Loss Legal Panel means our solicitors have leading experience in working on behalf of people who have suffered amputations.

We can boast some of the country’s most experienced and best personal injury lawyers.

Our world-class service was rewarded in 2008, 2009 and 2010 with Rehabilitation First Awards.

Our Aim

Fundamentally, our commitment is to reaching the best outcome for your amputation injury claim.

We also have the further ambition of campaigning for improvements in health and safety, so accidents and injury are less likely. With leading organisations, we seek to improve the quality of life of those who have suffered amputation.

For regular updates and to find out more, follow our amputee Twitter account:


A Sit-In at Sofar Sounds

(for the Urban Outfitters blog)

We were lucky enough to get entry to last week’s awesomely intimate Sofar Sounds gig. Bottle of red in hand, we joined the 60 or so other guests sitting on the floor.

For anyone not familiar with Sofar, they are an international movement who create pop up gigs in people’s living rooms. The vibe is relaxed and the talent phenomenal. All the organisers ask is that guests don’t speak during performances and, if they like the music, they spread the word about the artists.

So, first on was the folksy sweetness of Maria Byrne & The Broken String. Think The Byrds, Woodstock and Joni Mitchell. Very catchy, very folksy, very sweet, it’ll make you want to jump in a VW campervan and head to the country.

Then to To Kill a King. These guys are the real deal: thoughtful lyrics, punchy choruses and simply stunning songs held together by multi-layered harmonies. Ones to watch!

Jay Brown was up next, just her guitar and a cellist to support her powerful voice. And she’s got a gorgeous voice, I tell you.. Check it out for yourself – the gal’s got soul!

The barmy brilliance of Peter and Kerry wrapped the evening up for us. They started working together ‘as an impulsive side project’ after becoming close friends. Now it seems they haven’t looked back. There was a real unpredictable edge to their set, after not having had the chance to practice the stripped down sound necessary for somebody’s living room!

So Sofar did it for us. It’s so refreshing to see a gig right up close to the band, where there’s no room for pretense or posers, where respect is mutual and talent rules. These artists are quality. And at a gig like Sofar, it really is all about the music.

Dirty Burger

(for the Urban Outfitters blog)

Down an unassuming backstreet in Kentish Town, you’ll find a car-park with what looks like a small, roofed corrugated iron structure in the corner. If you didn’t know any better, you might take it for being a place to store the bins for the restaurant round the front. But if you venture inside, you’ll find what could be a cafĂ© location for a film about 50’s biker gangs.

Tarmac floor and simple fittings, Dirty Burger is a quick-stop to chow down a gorgeous, gooey, greasy cheeseburger – the only main on the lunchtime menu.
As is often the case in establishments that focus on just the one dish, Dirty’s is flippin’ amazing! Teamed with crinkle cut or onion fries and a soda, shake, beer or bottomless coffee and you’ve got yourself a mean feed that sneers at airs and graces and leers at the niceties of a ‘pleasant sit-down meal’.

A Rebel with a Cause, Dirty’s unabashed menu is filling a hole for London’s burger lovers. If it were a human, it’d definitely have greasy hair and an unstoppable swagger. A bit like that Jax from Sons of Anarchy, only tastier and with less mental turmoil. Sloppy, filthy, smutty, slutty, this is the real deal.