Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Dirty Burger

(for the Urban Outfitters blog)

Down an unassuming backstreet in Kentish Town, you’ll find a car-park with what looks like a small, roofed corrugated iron structure in the corner. If you didn’t know any better, you might take it for being a place to store the bins for the restaurant round the front. But if you venture inside, you’ll find what could be a café location for a film about 50’s biker gangs.

Tarmac floor and simple fittings, Dirty Burger is a quick-stop to chow down a gorgeous, gooey, greasy cheeseburger – the only main on the lunchtime menu.
As is often the case in establishments that focus on just the one dish, Dirty’s is flippin’ amazing! Teamed with crinkle cut or onion fries and a soda, shake, beer or bottomless coffee and you’ve got yourself a mean feed that sneers at airs and graces and leers at the niceties of a ‘pleasant sit-down meal’.

A Rebel with a Cause, Dirty’s unabashed menu is filling a hole for London’s burger lovers. If it were a human, it’d definitely have greasy hair and an unstoppable swagger. A bit like that Jax from Sons of Anarchy, only tastier and with less mental turmoil. Sloppy, filthy, smutty, slutty, this is the real deal.

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